Origins Consulting

Origins Consulting is a family search and reunion service, it has evolved from the expertise developed since 2000 with our tracing service, “Reunions”.
If you wish to connect to family members, if you are adopted and wish to find your birth father, birth mother, your siblings or any other biological relative, Origins Consulting can help you trace and locate them.

Clients who turn to us have often tried for years to discover well-kept family secrets; not only out of sheer curiosity, but because they are concerned about their own life stories. Being born at a time when discussing family details was taboo, the enquirer now feels it’s the right time to learn about all the relevant biographical facts and people in their lives. We locate the involved family members and search for relevant existing files and documents with the aim of enabling you to look back and shed some light on your early biography.

For our clients, finding out where a person is, often is as important as finding out where that person stands. The initial contact, to some extent, can be more challenging than the technical tracing process.
Therefore, our job is only halfway through when the person you seek is found, our professional intermediation service prepares the first contact discussing with all the involved people the relevant issues that can arise in reunion.

Our mission is to help people fill in the blanks of their life stories and to answer questions related to their past; a profession we find extremely satisfying.