Search for unknown siblings

Searches for unknown siblings often have many variables.

Young pregnant women were often confronted with a very difficult situation and released their child for adoption. Until the late 1980s  mothers relinquishing their child were told they would never hear or see anything about the child again, therefore many did not speak about the painful experience at that time. Thus, it happens, that later-born children learn in adulthood from reports or documents related to the will of the mothers, that their own mother had released a child for adoption.

In other families, the father has had an illegitimate child whose existence was kept secret for decades. It often takes a long time, sometimes until after the death of the parents, for the children to make up their minds and break this taboo and try to make contact.

In those cases where people have had children with previous partners, it can happen that contact is no longer maintained after the separation, mostly due to the decision made by the adults and not by the children themselves.

In all these cases, children in adulthood feel the need to meet their half-siblings.

What are the goals of our research?

“Are there similarities?” This is the question of many concerned persons. We will find your half-siblings to allow you to have first-hand answers.

Often there is a desire to clarify relationships within the family amongst people who were unaware of their sibling’s existence. With our help you will have the opportunity to shed light on these situations. In case of adopted children, we can make the contact possible, but we need to comply with the adoption records disclosure procedures, which may vary from country to country.

Regarding the first contact, we can assist in order to guarantee the proper attention and respect for feelings and situations of all concerned.