Going through the different stages as we work together

The preparation

First, we get an idea about the overall situation holding a detailed conversation with you. What is the story behind the search? What information is available and what is still missing and needs to be found? Who are the people affected by the search and what kind of feelings are connected with them?

Frequently asked questions in this regard are:

  • “Is there still someone in your immediate circle who is not aware of your proposed search and perhaps should be?”
  • “Was the birth father we look for aware of the pregnancy, or will he be surprised to learn about his now adult child?”
  • “Is there any information about the reasons that led the birth mother to give the child up for adoption?”

The search

Thanks to our long tracing service experience, we are able to trace a person in about 90% of the cases. If someone does not deliberately hide, we are able to trace almost any person. Being experienced in enquiring in a motley and sometime intricate bureaucratic system and having built in the years a solid network, knowing which authorities, institutions and organizations hold the information we need and their legal framework, we are normally able to obtain the information we need.

The initial contact

After the person has been traced, we concentrate on how best to prepare you for the initial contact.

Sometimes a more extensive background research is required to prepare the initial contact. For example, it may be important for you to know whether a traced father is still living with the same woman with whom he was together at the time of you conception. Do we need to become aware of the state of health or medical condition of the traced person? Are there any other children? Normally, when adoptive children search for biological mothers, the adoption records were examined before making contact. This allows us to understand if there is any kind of information we need to take into account to prepare the first contact.

The initial contact will take place only after all the information needed to consciously approach the traced person were made available for you.

Consulting service

Throughout the whole process, both you and the traced person have the opportunity to seek advice from a specialist. Specialist who can for example, help you write the first letter or guide you about the appropriate pace of approaching each other.
Our team includes a psychologist, a mediator and an adoption advisor.