Maternal Origins Consulting

Perhaps your mother was unmarried and/or underage at the time of your birth? An illegitimate child? These were impossible situations in the past decades. Dissembling and adoptions were the rule at a time when women were burdened with social taboos.

Since 2000, our success rate in tracing mothers has been approximately 97%. The reason for this is that the mother’s data is filed and recorded on a birth certificate. If you are looking for your mother, we do not need any information about her. Even if you have been adopted and the adoption dossier no longer exists, it is still possible to carry out a research on your birth mother and her circumstances.

What are the goals of our research?

Beside your mother’s current address, we can inform you of all the available details. In fact, basic understanding of the situation at the time can make the contact much easier.

What’s more, we may find additional information about previously unknown half-siblings or conditions that you may have experienced in your early childhood that you can no longer remember.

We try to reconstruct as far as possible, the family situation at the time of your conception. To this end, we locate all available records and sometimes find names of possible witnesses who can help build a more complete picture of that time.

Sometimes a more extensive background research is required in order to prepare the initial contact. It may be useful to check if the current spouse is the same partner as at the the time of your conception. As we prepare the first contact, we focus on taking in to account both your interests and that of your birth mother. For example, we ensure that the biological mother is given the opportunity to keep the adoption secret in the case where no one in her current circle of people is aware of the existence of a child. In such cases, we proceed with great sensitivity to establish trust, making it easier for found mothers to react more positively to a contact request.