Paternal Origins Consulting

Many of the fathers we look for are children of the 1950’s. They were brought up by people who experienced World War II, sometimes even World War One. Often there was no suitable contraception or adequate sex education for young people.

Thus, there are hardly any records available for father searches. In many cases, the fathers we look for do not even know of the existence of their offspring.

What are the goals of our research?

We will assist you to find answers to questions about the conditions at the time of conception, pregnancy and birth, as well as the circumstances surrounding your parents’ separation. To this aim we locate available records, from which sometimes names of witnesses may come up. They can help to build a more complete picture of that time.

Sometimes the information found is insufficient or no records of the birth father are available in any registry. In such cases, it may be useful, with your consent, to interview witnesses, such as an aunt or a former best friend of the birth mother. As not infrequently happens, we learn important information about the birth father, which the client was not aware of, simply by talking to the biological mother. The reason is that we inquire in a neutral and objective way and show a high degree of compassion and understanding for the biological mother.

We often succeed to trace a father, even when we start off with very few details. If we cannot find a person, we hand to the client at the end of the search process all the correspondence related to the search, including telephone conversation notes. In such a way, the client can be assured that all possible means have been exhausted, and we offer the client the possibility of bringing closure to this matter.

We’ve been able to find fathers despite starting with little or no information about the man – so be brave.