For Youth Welfare Offices

Training and Professional Development

Among the first and foremost important points of contact in the search for one’s own roots are the adoption agencies of the youth welfare offices.

After 18 years of practical experience in Origins Searches Susanne Panter offers her systematically documented know how.

The contents of the practical implementation of the origins searches training programme are addressed to employees of adoption agencies and include:

  • Legal basis for origins searches
  • Possible search actions …
  • … and how can they be taken?
  • Searches for adopted half-siblings
  • Psychological aspects of origins searches
  • Contact initiation phases

Information about the training offered:

  • One hour introductory and preparatory conversation a few days before the seminar
  • Duration of the seminar: seven hours theory and practice
  • Format for individuals: three appointments on skype (1×3 and 2×2 hours)
  • Format for groups: Classroom sessions (3.5 hours each on two consecutive days); appointments and venue according to individual agreement
  • At the end of the seminar you will receive handout material.

If you are interested, please Contact us.